What is AdiNet Mittelhessen about?

AdiNet Mittelhessen is the new anti-discrimination network for the Central Hesse region.

We want to build a comprehensive, regional anti-discrimination network in Central Hesse. The goal is to bring together all actors who deal with anti-discrimination, and so to coordinate experiences and resources effectively. At the same time, we will counteract unequal treatment and prejudice.

In short, we want to work together to make discrimination in any form more visible - and fight it.

What is the geographical scope of AdiNet Mittelhessen?

AdiNet Mittelhessen comprises the following districts and special status cities:

The counties:
• County Limburg Weilburg
• Lahn-Dill County
• Marburg-Biedenkopf district
• Giessen district
• District of Vogelsberg
• Fulda district

The cities with special status:
• City of Giessen
• City of Marburg
• City of Wetzlar

On which pillars does AdiNet Mittelhessen stand?


The networking of actors is the basis of our project. Above all, we would like to include representatives of those affected by discrimination. Joint events and regular meetings, such as the establishment of a steering group and demand-oriented "Round Tables" on various topics, strengthen the cooperation with our partners.

Empowerment and qualification

Volunteer actors, in particular, have a great need for qualifications and training. Through empowerment and awareness-raising workshops, we not only empower volunteers, but also people who are themselves affected by discrimination. They should be reaffirmed to actively defend against discrimination and to recognize multiple discrimination.

Sensitization and public relations

Targeted public relations work helps sensitize people to deal with discrimination. We are planning a whole package of actions. In addition to symposia and press conferences, we will organize workshops and information sharing events. In addition, we want to offer through our website a platform for valuable information and to create our own information material.


We want to launch a prevention offensive and develop strategies that prevent discrimination in advance proactively. We will develop diversity concepts and instructions for action and initiate a "Team Prevention", consisting of dedicated cooperation partners from AdiNet-Mittelhessen.

What is the vision of AdiNet Mittelhessen?

Our goals are acceptance, respect and non-discriminatory cooperation, which should come from all strata of society and be actively lived.

Our network lives from through our partners. Together, we have the opportunity to vocalize discrimination. We are not only interested in exchanging experiences and mutual empowerment, but also in implementing a vision. We want a mindful, respectful and unprejudiced approach to other people - regardless of their ethnicity, gender, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation and identity. And in addition, it should be mentioned that further discrimination characteristics (for example social background / social status, weight, etc.) play a role - even if they have not yet been expressly mentioned in the AGG.

Welcome network partners!

Our network thrives on your participation! We need your expertise to build a strong alliance against discrimination. Together we want to do vibrant and effective work. We want to exchange experiences, create structures and strengthen each other.

That is our common theme! Contact us!

Who is behind the AdiNet Mittelhessen?

AdiNet Mittelhessen is currently supported by an inter-municipal working group. Representatives of the counties of Marburg-Biedenkopf and Gießen as well as the two university towns of Marburg and Giessen work in the AG. In addition, all organizations and people who want to be active in our network are behind us! You are welcome too!


E-mail: or phone 0641 9390-1790 or -1713